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Sarah Blood is the new Executive Director for State Agriculture and Rural Leaders

Please welcome the new Executive Director for State Agriculture and Rural Leaders, Sarah Blood. In addition to being farm raised, Sarah currently works on the family dairy farm as well as being the co-owner of a livestock processing facility.  She has been serving as the Business Administrator for the local school district, supervising all financial planning and accounting for the system.  She is interviewing her replacement in that role so she can return to the farm and take on the responsibilities for SARL.  Her soon-to-be husband works in the county Sheriff’s office.  They also use the H2A visa program for labor in the processing plant, so Sarah not only uses many of the products our sponsors produce, she is also familiar with rural schools, labor and law enforcement issues!   rural labor issues fit into her wheelhouse too. I have known Sarah since 2009 when she served as the Agriculture Committee Director for the New York State Senate.  She has also worked for the NY Department of Agriculture.    Please join me in welcoming Sarah!