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These Missouri Poultry Producers Include Dispatches From The Farm In Every Egg Carton

KBIA | Posted onMay 23, 2019 in Agriculture, Food News

One of Campo Lindo’s most defining qualities is a personal note included in every carton of eggs that leaves the farm. Carol writes those notes every two week; she began doing it when the farm started selling its eggs through grocery stores. “I just missed the communication that I had with our customers,” Carol says. “So I was like, ‘Well, I'll just start putting a little note, at least it's one-way communication,' but what's turned out really cool is a lot of times people take the time, they'll send a little email or phone call.

The next step to FSMA compliance: On-Farm Readiness Review

Michigan State University | Posted onMay 23, 2019 in Agriculture News

Many fresh produce growers have heard of the new Food Safety Modernization Act(FSMA) but they may be unsure how it applies to them.

Renewable Fuel Standard Saves Consumers 22 Cents on Every Gallon of Gas

Hoosier Ag Today | Posted onMay 23, 2019 in Energy News

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) has lowered gas prices by an average of 22 cents per gallon in recent years and saved the typical American household $250 annually, according to a study published by economist and energy policy expert Dr. Philip K.

National Pork Board Uncovers What Diners Crave and Why

PR Newswire | Posted onMay 23, 2019 in Food News

The National Pork Board released its latest findings from the comprehensive Insight to Action research, this time examining trends in consumer behavior related to dining out.

Trump EPA did not await court ruling to loosen biofuel rules for refiners - documents

Reuters | Posted onMay 23, 2019 in Energy News

The Trump administration made it easier for oil refineries to get waivers from the nation’s biofuel law at least four months before a 2017 court decision it often cites to justify the move to the corn lobby, and the move was motivated by a desire to save the oil industry money. The timing and motivation for the Environmental Protection Agency’s policy change, revealed through court documents and an interview with a former top agency official, have not been previously reported.

Fur ban proposal in New York City has the industry shaking

CBS News | Posted onMay 23, 2019 in Agriculture News

The city is mulling a plan to outlaw the sale of farmed fur items and forbid making products with trapped fur. With New York a center of the fashion world, a fur ban would be a major blow to the industry.A similar measure is under consideration at the state level as well.The fur industry fears the loss of 1,100 jobs in New York City alone if the ban passes.

Nevada Governor signs surprise emergency room billing compromise, pre-existing condition protections into law

The Nevada Independent | Posted onMay 23, 2019 in Rural News

Two sweeping health-care bills that would prevent patients from getting hit with surprise emergency room bills and protect Nevadans with pre-existing conditions were signed into law by Gov. Steve Sisolak. The move brings Sisolak one step closer to fulfilling the health-care agenda he touted on the campaign trail, including standing up to President Donald Trump on protections for people with pre-existing conditions and ending surprise emergency room bills.

To Control Forest Fires, Western States Light More of Their Own

Pew Trust | Posted onMay 23, 2019 in Rural News

Tramping over a charred mountainside here one foggy morning, Matt Champa glowed with satisfaction. “Deer and elk will love this,” said the U.S. Forest Service “burn boss,” gesturing to a cluster of blackened trees that eventually will fall and create more space for forage plants.

Editorial:How to Grow the Rural Economy

Storm Lake Times | Posted onMay 23, 2019 in Rural News

The population numbers since 2010 look bad for most rural Iowa counties: Pocahontas, down 7.8%; Sac, down 6.1%; Audubon, down 10%; Cass, down 7.3%; Adams, down 9.5%. A small sampling of isolated rural counties. They may have peaked in population in 1940 or before. The sad news is: Nothing is on the horizon to turn it around.This according to Iowa State University research economist Dave Swenson, who studies regional trade dynamics and population. “They’re not within driving distance of a market center,” he explains, as is much of the Great Plains. Too far from Omaha or even Sioux City.

CBD entering food and drink at an 'astounding pace,' report says

Food Dive | Posted onMay 23, 2019 in Food News

A new Rabobank report found that CBD has been entering food and beverage products — beer, coffee, cocktails, jelly beans and others — at an "astounding pace." However, the substance remains illegal in foods and beverages on a national level, and it may not be approved for several more years barring congressional action, according to the report.Meanwhile, the market appears poised for more CBD-infused products, and Rabobank said the demand is likely to continue.