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2019 Legislative Agriculture Chairs Summit Agenda

July 14-16, 2019 | Calgary, AB

During the 2018 Annual Meeting, SARL members voted to make the 2019 Summit really different.  The majority of policy sessions will be led by you, the true experts on state policy.  Think of the really good agriculture, natural resource or rural legislation/policy/ programs that your state considered, passed or accomplished administratively.  We want you to tell us about them.

The draft agenda has already been set through a series of open conference calls.  You can review it by clicking 2019 Legislative Ag Chairs Draft Agenda.

Need some ideas?  Just this year Rhode Island implemented a Farmland Acquisition Program, buying farms at development price and selling them at agriculture value; Tennessee has an Ag Enterprise Fund program; Kentucky has the Agricultural Development Fund; Illinois has a Solar for All program, Missouri is going through a battle on a Working Animal Protection bill while Idaho is reworking their trespass legislation. See the attached list of a few programs collected just this spring.

You will need to self-nominate the policy topic you want to speak on or have included in the agenda.  The Board will then sort through the nominations and set up the agenda. Travel funds will be reserved for those legislators who are active in some aspect of the Summit. You will have to lead a session or serve as a session moderator to receive travel assistance.  

And the Board agreed that 2019 will be different for our private industry members as well.  From founding, we have not allowed sponsors on the agenda, to avoid any appearance of pay for play. But in 2019, sponsors will be allowed to submit state or company programs they think are exceptional and want to feature.  So there might be legislation related to right to repair that an equipment association might want to highlight. There might be support animal legislation that an animal organization thinks needs brought forward.  Once again, our private industry members will need to submit the session topic and their suggested speaker (could be themselves) and the Board will decide on what and how to use it.