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Potential Tuesday Site Visits

Alberta has many potential site visit for Tuesday. Below are some of the initial suggestions. Please indicate your interests on the registration form. The Board will look at the responses and determine which Site Visits will be confirmed.  Site Visits will occur Tuesday afternoon.

CL Ranch, established in 1887, is a diversified cattle operation west of Calgary.  It has the only herd of Sussex cattle in North America.  The ranch also includes a Western Town which serves as a backlot for commercial movie and television production. It supplies sand and gravel to Alberta from its own gravel pit and prides itself on stewardship, conservation, sustainability and producing an economically efficient and environmentally compatible animal.

Fallentimber Meadery and Apiary in the foothills of Alberta, Established in 2010, the meadery produces honey wines. It is a member of the cottage winery industry in Alberta. Fallentimber’s mead is made from raw, unpasteurized honey harvested from its colony in the Foothills of the Rockies.  The bees have access to an abundance of wildflowers and clover. 

Big Rock Brewery in Calgary, established in 1985, is a craft brewery with production facilities in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto

Harmony Beef Ltd. A processing facility opened in 2017. It is a family-owned processor which will produce high quality beef for Canadian and international markets; full production capacity will be 750-800 head of cattle per day. It recycles 90% of the water it uses and is committed to ensuring green practices are standard practices. Harmony’s cattle barns are enclosed with ventilation for winter and summer; an evapotranspiration system ensures cattle are dry and comfortable; and a Glycol heated animal safe floor ensures comfort and sanitation

University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was established in 2005 it is one of only 5 veterinary schools in Canada.

Recreational Cannabis Facilities. Medical cannabis is nationally approved, recreational cannabis will be legal in summer of 2018.  The tour would be dependent on what facilities are operating in July of 2019.

Alberta is ruggedly beautiful and full of places you might want to visit on your own, like Banff or Jasper National Park, many world renown lakes, Lethbridge in the heart of the agriculture region, there is even the Canadian Badlands.  Either visit these before or after the Summit. We just don’t recommend staying in Calgary before the Summit because that would be the peak of the Stampede and costs reflect that.  Start your plans at