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Site Visits

All tours end with reception and dinner at JUMP – Jack’s Urban Meeting Place. If not joining a tour, there will be transportation to Jump for Friday night activities.

All Site Visits will leave hotel around noon.

Tour #1 – Potato Processing | Winery | Fruit Produ|ction

Join us on a fascinating tour of the Simplot Potato plant in Caldwell, Idaho where you will see a state of the art fully automated processing plant Simplot potato plant in Caldwell, enjoy the fragrance and flavors of Koenig Winery and Distillery featuring some of the most breathtaking views of the Idaho country side, and round out your afternoon with a visit to Symms Fruit Ranch, a 5,000 acre diversified farm featuring apples, pears, cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, wine grapes, onions, forage, seeds, grains and cattle are produced on the rich volcanic soil overlooking the Snake River.

Tour #2 – Hops, Potatoes,  and Process

Boise, Idaho has become a hops production headquarters! Idaho has almost doubled its hop production since 2016. Join us as we tour one of Idaho’s hop farms and learn about this new booming industry! What would Idaho be without a trip to a potato farm? Enjoy a tour of Doug Gross’ potato farm and listen as he describes the wild ride of the potato market. Lastly we will enjoy a tour of one of the SIMPLOT production facilities that will highlight the latest and greatest of production agriculture.   

Tour #3 –  Hydro Power Plant, Nursery Production and Meat Processing

Enjoy an afternoon near the water as we discover the Lucky Peak Reservoir and Hydro Power Plant! This one facility allows for flood control, irrigation of nearly all of the downstream crops and the ability to produce over 100 MW of power. We then will travel into the countryside to tour one of Idaho’s famous nurseries. Lastly, we will arrive at Simplot’s meat packing plant that employs 625 workers and processes 1,350 head of cattle each day. As one of the nation’s newest, most modern meat packing and rendering enterprises, CS Beef is ambitiously ramping up operations and has found a unique solution to an employment problem.