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Consistently reported as the most important meeting of the year by attendees, the Summit expects to have the agricultural and rural legislative leadership from approximately 47 states, 5 Canadian provinces and 2-3 U.S. territories.  SARL provides all on-site expenses for invited state legislators and even funds travel for those in agriculture leadership from states with travel bans. Our sponsors must find the Summit rewarding because we have a 98% return rate.  

Sponsors are permitted the participation of one sponsor representative in SARL membership and voting rights.  The SARL Board includes three industry representatives nominated and voted on at the annual Summit. There is no industry attendance beyond sponsors, so that attendance is limited and one-on-one contact of our sponsors and legislators is maximized.  

Sessions are designed by attendees at previous Summits and must directly pertain to state legislature activity. For more information on being a sponsor, please contact SARL Acting Executive Director Kay Johnson Smith at