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2023 SARL Ag Chairs Summit


The SARL Ag Chairs Summit was held in Charleston, South Carolina, January 6-8, 2023.

The Legislative Ag Chairs (LAC) Summit represents a tremendous opportunity to network with state legislative leaders from all across the US and Canada. Attendance is by invitation only. The non-partisan, 2 1/2 day meeting is packed full of discussions of the issues facing the world of agriculture as identified by public officials like you, along with special speakers invited to the meeting to share their expertise in identifying problems and solutions. There is no other meeting that will provide you with more practical and quality factual information about agriculture, natural resource use and rural development than the LAC Summit! 

Since 2001, the LAC Summit has been providing an unparalleled non-partisan educational opportunity for elected state and provincial officials with an interest in agriculture and rural communities to work together, collaborate and create problem-solving partnerships. The National Conference of State Legislators and The Council of State Governments are the founding groups for the Summit.