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Resolutions 2009 AgChairs Summit


The 2009 Legislative Ag Chairs Summit attendees passed seven resolutions on a variety of agriculture issues. All resolutions were passed unanimously. Click on the resolution number to view the full text of the resolution.

Resolution 2009-1 A Resolution in Support of Continued Processing of Horses and the Transportation of Horses for Processing.
Resolution 2009-2 A Resolution in Support of Agriculture Research Funding for the Land Grant University System
Resolution 2009-3 Resolution Urging the Re-examination of the Rules Regarding the Disposal of Animal Remains.
Resolution 2009-4 Resolution Urging the Use of Sound Scientific Data
Resolution 2009-5 Resolution in Support of the US Dairy Industry
Resolution 2009-6 Resolution on the Clean Water Act
Resolution 2009-7 Resolution Urging the Exemption of Farms Under EPA Clean Air Rules

For more information on these resolutions, contact Dr. Carolyn Orr at (765) 893-8209 or